Overview of the EVTAC System

The purpose of this short video is to illustrate the EVTAC system for assisting emergency vehicles when navigating medium to heavy traffic through controlled intersections.  Transit times could be dramatically improved in certain situations, and there is a measurable increase in safety because of reduced oncoming traffic when needing to travel on the wrong side of the road.  There is always indecision at crossroads where traffic might be facing green lights, but must give way to any emergency vehicles needing to cross.

Every emergency vehicle is equipped with a special transmitter, and each set of traffic lights has one receiver per intersection.  Signals are continuously transmitted from the vehicles whenever the sirens are activated, although the driver has the option to disable these transmissions if desired.  When the EVTAC receivers are initially installed, there is a simple calibration procedure that sets the appropriate response whenever an emergency vehicle enters the perimeter.  Multiple vehicles can activate the system at the same time, and there is no conflict because they each attempt to stop traffic in all directions.

As soon as the vehicle has cleared the intersection, the lights immediately switch back to their normal cycle.  The system is built using technologies that are well established and quite inexpensive.  We thank you for your interest in the EVTAC system, and will be happy to provide more information if requested.